Step 1.

Starting these things is awkward.

Hello. How are you? I like your shoes/bag/face/ironic tattoo.

Things about me:

– I once had a blog that I kept up on a fairly regular basis, way back in the days before blogging was a thing that people did for realsies, back before it was cool. The Hipster Era of Blogging (HEB) (Oh my god, that is a terrible acronym. I’m sorry.) But I wasn’t even cool enough to do it on a respectable site, like LiveJournal or whatever – it was on Diaryland, that weird pastel corner of blogging history that is apparently still alive (?!?).

– I work really hard at a job at a non-profit that is really boring. Well, sometimes it gives me that warm fuzzy I’m-making-a-difference feeling, but sometimes it feels like an exercise in futility. I guarantee that if I write about work, most of those posts will fit into just one of these categories.

– I read a lot. I also knit a lot. I can also read and knit at the same time, turning myself into the quiet, homebody version of Optimus Prime.

– I just did a Google Images search for a picture of Optimus Prime knitting, and found nothing. That is supremely disappointing.

– This is my cat:

Since she is a cat, she’s pretty much a total asshole most of the time. But she’s cute and fuzzy and once in awhile deigns to let me pet her. We have a complicated relationship. There will be many pictures of her because this is the internet.

– I live in a small(ish) town on the far North coast of California. Some days, I love living in an area where everyone knows each other, and sometimes it drives me crazy and I want to run away to the Big City. Then I think about having to pack and find a place to live and change the address of all my magazine subscriptions, and I figure I’m fine where I am.

I’ve been here 10 years, and I don’t know if that’s out of loyalty or laziness.

– I have watched this video approximately eleventy bajillion times, and it is still the most fantastic thing ever. It is all things amazing:

– I’m trying to learn to find the good bits, even when when life seems to be a big flaming suck-fest. It’s not always easy.

– I’ve watched that sloth video three times in the course of writing this. I’m going to watch it again.


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