Highs and Lows.

There are three things in my daily life that are damn near impossible for me to accomplish: wake up right when my alarm goes off and NOT hit the snooze button at steady 10-minute increments for an hour, actually eat breakfast, and packing myself a lunch. You would think, after living on my own for nearly 12 years, I would have mastered at least one of these skills.  But when I actually pull it off, it’s a pretty moment:

Behold, a meal that took the minimum amount of forethought.

Lunch today was extra special because it reminiscent of what I basically ate every day for the year I lived in Germany. After the first few weeks of living off of wurst from street carts and Döner Kebab (which, I believe, is the most perfect meal of meat cooked in a log form that rotates), I started paying attention to what actual Germans ate and learned how simple and delicious good bread, some cheese and meat, and a healthy smear of butter can be. My lunch today wasn’t quite the same though: the rolls weren’t as good, and cost waaaaay more than they did in D-Land, the cheese not quite as creamy. It’s typical Things Were Better Way Back When talk: Food in our day was just a fraction of the cost!* And there were days when we had nothing to eat and had to survive on stale bread!** And we had to walk uphill***in the snow****, BOTH WAYS*****. But the fact that I actually packed a lunch and the peach I included that was the size of a softball and amaze-balls delicious made up for it.

* Totally true though. I used to be able to buy a 12-pack of Brötchen for one Euro. Now I can only find a bag of six for nearly three bucks.

** Also true, but mainly because I kept forgetting that all the stores were closed on Sunday and I would forget to buy groceries beforehand.

*** OK, not uphill. But up stairs! Always!

**** German winters are brutal, for realsies, yo.

*****Of course both ways … how else would you get home?

My super awesome moment of the day: Stepping off the bus and notice that my purse is dripping with coffee because I forgot to tighten the lid on my cup before shoving it in there and then noticing that I left my car parked in a two-hour spot….where I parked in the day before.


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