Pardon my dust.

I’ve hit the point on this blog (and half a dozen past ones that have all been deleted) when I get dissatisfied with what is here. There are so many amazing blogs and Tumblrs and websites out there, that are consistently updated with new and intriguing stuff, that the beginnings of this look like drivel – unfocused (which, well, yes it is) and uninteresting. And because it doesn’t look like what I want it to be in my head, I want to scrap the whole thing: delete all posts and pretend like it never happened, wiping the slate clean to try again. But it will never just be perfect from the start; no matter how many blogs I start up, it’s going to be shaky while I get my sea legs and really focus and hone in on what I want it to be.

And so, this is my declaration: I’m not going to give up on it. I’m not going to delete and start again. I’m going to work through the process, a step at a time.


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