Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Sometimes Sundays just suck it. Maybe it’s because of the Monday just looming up behind it, marking the beginning of another work week. Maybe because you rocked your Saturday night too hard and now have to waste your day off curled up on the couch, trying to find the perfect proportion of water, coffee, and greasy fast food to make the pain go away. Or maybe because your plans the night before fell through when the guy that you didn’t really like all that much but were giving a chance after multiple people told you that you were being too picky totally stood you up and overnight all that morphed itself into a nice little ball of disappointment, sadness, and irritation. **cough**
It’s tempting to want to sink into it and spend the day being morose and emo, but why waste a perfectly good Sunday? Sometimes, all you need is a good trick up your sleeve to jump start yourself back to normal:

– Go for a long walk in a park/beach/general outdoorsy area. Bonus points if you stop and pet all the dogs being walked by their owners.
– Find ridiculously hideous slippers on sale and wear them all day.
All the ugliness of Toms, but without the expensive yuppiness!
-Go to a friend’s house and sit around drinking endless cups of coffee, eating sweet potato fries, and come up with amaze-balls ideas for new web series. (“Dougie House-er, about a 16 year- old pill head that is also a doctor!” “Have we had to much caffeine?” “Probably.” “Want another cup of coffee?” “YES!”)
– Go home and give yourself an at-home trim and facial. Realize that coconut oil can be used for anything, including a face mask, hair conditioner, and chapstick.
– Decide to go ahead and have a big cry, but then get distracted trying to figure out what the most pathetic crying situation would be (Answer: It’s a tie between ugly crying on the toilet, or ugly crying while eating.)
– Have a friend come over to do laundry and have her bring her new cute guy friend along, who complements your taste in books, helps you finish your crossword puzzle, and talks about home repairs. Curse yourself for wearing your pajamas and hope you played it off as being totally carefree and cool to be bothered. You aren’t, but that’s ok.
And, of course, if none if that works, wine always does.


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