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Small Things Sunday – January 13th

After realizing that I have so many big things in my life that need work, I also want to make it a practice to make note of the little things that happen throughout the week. If anything, it should at least help to prevent getting overwhelmed by the “ZOMG everything is so much work what am I going to doooooooo” feelings.

Plus, pictures! Yay!

  • Nighttime window displays with jellyfish lights.

Window Display

  • Volunteering at an art museum that has a fun exhibition that includes sand paintings that get more awesome the further back you get:

Sand Painting Upclose

Sand Painting Medium

  • Sand Painting From Above
  • And words mounted on to radio-controlled cars you can drive around the museum:

Truth car

Beauty car

And a piano sitting in the middle of a big fuzzy rug that you can play (the piano, not the rug):



Ten years of piano lessons, and I can’t play a note.

  • Drinking coffee from my favorite yellow mug. Lots of coffee.

Yellow cup

  • This photo (RAWR):

Jesus Wept

  • Going for a long walk during a cold but sunny day:

Walk 1

Walk 2

Walk 3

And walking really, really fast during the last half of the walk because the wind is going to freeze your face off.

  • Checking out the local gardening center to learn more about how to garden/not kill the yard you now own. Spend most of the time checking out the cute bearded guy working there.
  • Starting a new knitting project that has been on my to-knit list for awhile.
  • Trying out a new recipe for dinner and it’s delicious:


  • And, of course, taking funny pictures of my cat:

Cat Blogger

Kitty blogger thinks your Tumblr is trite. (Also: teehee, she thinks she’s people!)


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