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Small Things Sunday – January 20th

Every Sunday, I try to collect all the little things that have made me happy, even for just a moment, throughout the week.

  • First off, three day weekend YAAAAAAAY.
  • Finding library books that still have the original check out cards and envelopes.

Card pocket

  • Libraries in general. In one trip, I checked out books on party planning, beginning gardening, craft beer, and disaster preparation.  I like to be multifaceted in my literary pursuits.
  • The last few weeks have been uncharacteristically clear and cold in my neck of the woods. While I enjoyed the sunshine coupled with the sharp, chilly air, there is a part of me that was happy to see the fog come back to town:
  • Foggy treesThe university I work at has been on winter break and with no students on campus, I am usually the only one eating lunch in the lounge. It’s super quiet and I can stretch out on the couches. Love.

Empty chairs

  • I’ve been trying to actually take my breaks and go for quick walks at work rather than just sitting at my desk all. freaking. day. As a result, I’ve been finding all sort of cool parts of campus that I had forgotten all about after I graduated:

Forest Trail

Like the trail behind campus that goes into the community forest.

Whale skulls 2

Whale Skulls

And the collection of whale skulls that just hang out next to the science building.

  • Finding the cutest wallpaper in the world at my friend’s house:


  • Going to dance parties where all the DJs play soul music and wear dashikis just for the hell of it:

Dashiki Kiki Stage

It was called the “Freaky Kiki Dashiki Party”. And, yes, that is a Kenny Rogers mask on the turntable.

  • Dollar Store finds that make me giggle like a twelve year-old boy:


Heheheheheheh. I’ve never claimed to be mature.

  • And finding one lone house in the neighborhood that still keeps their Christmas lights on:

The last holdouts

  • And a not-so small highlight of the week: I bought my plane ticket to South Korea to visit a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year. I planned it just right so I get to spend my next birthday discovering a whole new part of the world!


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