Small Stuff Sunda—, erm, Tuesday.

So, I was super hungover on Sunday from my housewarming party the night before, and when I tried to do my usually weekly roundup of All Things Good, the only things I could think of were either a cheeseburger* or sweet, sweet, death. That, coupled with a general funk that has just settled on into my life, means a delayed Small Stuff Sunday. Deal with it.tumblr_ltg810uJON1qecw6fo1_250

  • Honestly though, my housewarming party: OFF THE HOOK. And I don’t even say “off the hook”. It was that awesome. I was expecting at most 12 or 13 people to show up, and instead I had 29 friends show up. Plus, a dog AND a baby. Not bad for someone who is generally a total shut-in.
  • Last Monday was a holiday and just happened to be gorgeous outside:


Which meant that I got to lie out in the sun and read, in the middle of January. Thank you, global warming!

wpid-IMAG1048.jpgGoddamn, those are some pale legs.

  • New purple shoes:


I had no idea my tights matched the office carpet so perfectly until I took this picture. Also, “do the tights match the carpet?” maybe my new obscure dirty joke.

  • Like I mentioned, I have been going through a serious funk lately, the kind that comes from being caught smack dab in a rut and losing the motivation to try to get out of it. But, a new position opened up at work that would be a serious upgrade work-wise, and hopefully some more social activities are in the works. Not that lying around in stretched-out yoga pants and chain-watching Netflix until I finally wander off to bed hasn’t been great, but …

*Seriously though, it deserves a special shout-out. Never underestimate the redemptive powers of a cheeseburger, my friends.


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